Thoughtful - Mama

$69.00 USD
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The Thoughtful MAMA Bracelet is a beautiful tribute to the remarkable women who fill the role of mothers with boundless love and devotion. This exquisite piece of jewelry bears the sweetest of charms, engraved with the endearing title "mama," celebrating the nurturing spirit and strength of these incredible women. With every bead and charm, it encapsulates the warmth and tenderness they offer, the sacrifices they make, and the endless joy they bring to their families.

Thoughtful MAMA Bracelet is a heartfelt token of appreciation and a reminder of the precious bond between a mother and her loved ones, making it a cherished accessory that carries the essence of motherhood with grace and elegance.

5mm 14kt gold filled OR 5mm sterling silver beads

3mm gold filled beads and 3mm silver beads between the letters

White/gold resin letters
Black/gold resin letters

Signature ER charm 

Blissful and stress-free wear, which means they can get wet and worn all over the place.
Crafted with meticulous hand-beading on premium elastic designed for a subtle stretch, ensuring effortless rolling on and off your wrist.