Blissful - Singles

$45.00 USD
Size - S/M


Immerse yourself in the radiant allure of our Blissful Collection bracelets!

Colors are like precious gifts, revealing their full splendor when expertly mixed. The moment I handle a tray brimming with colorful beads, I feel a child-like wonder, both overwhelming and thrilling. It's with great excitement that I present the Blissful Collection, a celebration of color's magic in our latest bracelet range. Each piece in this collection is a vibrant testament to the joyful symphony of colors coming together in harmony.

With countless single options to chose from, pick your favorite and where it with pride!

Choose between:

  • 3mm aventurine gemstone
  • 3mm lapis  gemstone
  • 3mm white jade  gemstone
  • 3mm carnelian gemstone
  • 3mm rose quartz  gemstone

Each bracelet comes with:

  • 3mm gold filled beads
  • Signature ER charm 

Blissful and stress-free wear, which means they can get wet and worn all over the place. Crafted with meticulous hand-beading on premium elastic designed for a subtle stretch, ensuring effortless rolling on and off your wrist.