Why Elyse Ryan Jewelry Is Your Favorite Brand

Why Elyse Ryan Jewelry Is Your Favorite Brand

Elise has collaborated, worked with and given back to various charitable organizations that are dear to her heart through her company.

She designed a necklace back in 2004 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization with goals of curing childhood cancer started by a young neuroblastoma patient, Alex Scott. She sold the necklace on QVC, and has raised over a million dollars for Alex’s Lemonade stand and this initially kick started ongoing collaborations with many other philanthropic organizations.

Elise is also currently collaborating with SU2C, a charitable program that aims to raise significant funds for cancer research. Her collaboration with SU2C is a personal one and she has dedicated it to her mother Linda Cohen and all those affected by cancer.

She talks about why she did this, and in her own words she said “My mother wore my jewelry everyday and had hundreds of pieces that she collected over the years. Her fiery spirit, unconditional love and endless creativity is one of my greatest inspirations. As my biggest fan, I’m sure she would be proud.”

Elise has released several pieces in her Charitable collection which include pieces like the World Cancer Day Bracelet, Hope Bracelet, the Standing Strong Bracelet dedicated to breast cancer in particular, and The Alex’s Lemonade Necklace that she did for the Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

The Win bracelet was made in partnership with Connecticut Cancer Foundation to help support their mission to provide economic assistance and financial aid to CT cancer patients. Its winning design highlighting the connection to CCF’s Baseball history is reflective of rounding the bases of cancer; diagnosis, treatment, financial hardship and striving to reach Homeplate for a “WIN”. The CCF signature blue represents success and purpose while the complimentary yellow symbolizes positivity and optimism.

Currently as her company grows Elise is even more focused into expanding her brand and reaching a wider audience with the work that she has done. The amount of work that goes into her charity work is a reflection of the care and love she has for her brand.

Take any product that is offered by ElyseRyan and you’ll see the craftsmanship and refinement that goes into making these bracelets. From the crystals, wood, stone, you’ll find that every piece that is used, every little detail is immaculate to say the least.

The variety of collections are never overwhelming but never in any way lacking in options. If you buy an ElyseRyan, you will know it’s an ElyseRyan and that is why ElyseRyan is your favorite brand.

To bid farewell, here is a little message from Elise

“For those who are battling and for those who lost the battle – everyone’s stories are different and meaningful. I hope my designs help bring beauty, awareness, hope and joy in difficult times.”

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